Locked Up! Try and get outta this one!


Imagine being locked in a room with only your wits to help you escape. That’s exactly what David Prendergast is bringing to town (97 Great Northern Road, 2nd Floor).

It’s not virtual reality or a video game but a real-to-life game of puzzles and clues and you, left in the dark, literally.

Have you ever seen The Blair Witch Project or played Clue? Then you might have a better idea of this game.

“You have to solve everything. You can’t bypass to get the key.”

There is an emergency key in case a patron really does need to get out.

And you only have 45 minutes to solve all these clues and puzzles. Now I say solve a clue because even that can be another puzzle.

Only 20 per cent of people can make it out too.

You may have some unknown help too because unless you book a room to yourself, another group may join you to help out.

There is no age restriction but ages 12+ is most desirable.

Parents may take their children, which is important, because you have to sign a waiver to get in.

Sorry to keep you waiting but, mid-June is scheduled for the opening.

So if you want to try the dark cabin in the woods or a crime scene in a study, go to www.lockedupescape.ca


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