No Force


I can’t help but thinking of “The Karate Kid” original movie, where the older man is training the young man in how to improve his skills. Even though this is not a line in the movie, it is like I can hear Mr. Miyagi’s slow, calm and wise voice saying, ‘No force, Daniel-san. Only, allow.’

When we are faced with decisions, at a cross road or about to embark on a new direction, forcing anything will not work. It is like trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole. If we force anything, there is a good chance that we will get frustrated or we will cause damage. Forcing then, takes a lot of effort, but it does not produce results.

I was reminded of this concept today, as a guy in a pickup truck sped around me, on the right shoulder. I was stopped in the lane, waiting for a vehicle ahead of me to turn left. I proceeded forward, after the left turning vehicle was done turning, to find the impatient pickup truck, attempting to cut in front of me, from the right shoulder.

Even though I had the right of way, this pickup truck was clearly in a hurry. He is an example of how we do a lot of forcing, in our daily lives. I shook my head at him, as we ended up pulling up to the same red light, right next to each other. He didn’t get very far, by illegally blowing past me, and he made himself look like a complete ass, in the meantime.

If we think of our lives as an energy field, we can see that air, blood, water and food flow through our bodies in a systematic way. We breathe in, we observe, we listen, we eat, we drink and our bodies are constantly processing what comes in. When we are forcing anything, it is like we are holding our breath, with our eyes and mouths closed tight, covering our ears, clenching our teeth and preventing the natural order of things from functioning properly.

Allowing, is the opposite of forcing. Allowing is like a relaxed and peaceful state, where we observe our surroundings, act in a calm and collected way and make decisions that are based on wisdom, careful introspection and clarity.

This week, I prayed for clarity. I wanted to see things for what they were and not for what I was attempting to force them to be. I had to consciously relax my mind, take deep breaths and imagine that the spinning top, which is often a reflection of my thoughts, has come to a stop and gently fallen over on its side.

Allowing what is meant to be, can free us from anxiety, worry, fear and tension. It can bring a sense of grounding and stability, to the complicated world around us.

Even when in the midst of very big decisions, remembering the concept of allowing can change a situation from daunting to exciting. In a world where there is so much forcing going on, my wish for you is that you allow what is unfolding to see itself through. When we begin to force anything, it just might be the moment when a gentle reminder to yourself is in order.

Listen for a wise voice in your head and think, ‘Daniel-san, no force. Just, allow’. Then, take a deep breath, go for a walk in the fresh air and clear your head. It is after this, that the answers you seek, will come.

‘It’s pleasing to discover that it isn’t necessary to drive oneself forward; instead, one can simply allow oneself to move forward as blocks are removed. Thus, one becomes attracted by the future rather than propelled by the past.’ ~ David R. Hawkins