Nova Scotia reports first case of Zika virus

zika virus

HALIFAX – Nova Scotia is reporting its first confirmed case of Zika virus.

The Department of Health and Wellness issued a statement today saying a woman acquired the virus while travelling in a country affected by the outbreak.

It says she was not hospitalized and has since recovered.

Frank Atherton, deputy chief medical officer of health, says the risk of Zika to Nova Scotians and Canadians is very low and he is not aware of any cases transmitted by mosquitoes to humans that originated in Canada.

The Zika virus is primarily passed to people through mosquitoes that carry the virus, but can be transmitted through sexual activity which is thought to be rare.

Zika has become rampant in South and Central America, parts of Mexico and the Caribbean.

About 68 Canadians have tested positive for the virus, most of them travellers to countries where Zika has reached epidemic levels.