One man’s solitary journey for hope and Care


Les Lampkin is out today again doing his laps in support of clean water and mental health.

He was on lap number 966 when I caught up with him this morning. 966 4.8 kilometer laps to reach his goal of 12,000 kilometers. That’s over 4,700 kilometres so far.

“It started with two different occasions of witnessing my coworker waste 6,000 liters of water and the camp manager asking me, ‘what do I care?'”

Lampkin’s response was to be demanded to be flown out of the northern Manitoba bush camp.

And when he contacted the supervisor, the response was worse: “what’s your point?” they asked him.

Lampkin took it further and went to the company that contracted the camp and the pressure was so much that he says “my life turned completely upside down.”

Lampkin landed in the hospital.

The next two and a half years he struggled with what he witnessed at that camp.

“Until one morning in October 2015 I decided to take action!”

He was remembering then the inspiration he got from the Terry Fox Run of the 1980s.

“I put the first foot in front of the next foot… in this journey back to Care.”

He is walking 4.8 km loops around downtown and west of downtown until he reaches 2,500 laps or 12,000 kilometers.

“My hopes are to bring light to the unnecessary waste of water…” as the world has been without much clean drinking water for decades after the Ethiopian famine.

The result of this journey: “today I feel free,” Lampkin says. For him, it is not a struggle anymore to deal with the daemons that he faced years ago.