PM to ‘explore next steps’ if Toronto bids on Expo


TORONTO – The prime minister says if Toronto city council decides to make a bid to host Expo 2025, the federal government will explore the possibility.

Justin Trudeau made his remarks in a written response to Mayor John Tory and others who signed a letter about the potential bid.

The city’s executive committee will meet tomorrow to discuss the proposition.

Those in favour of the bid say it would boost the city’s reputation and makes more economic sense than hosting the Olympics, which Tory decided against bidding to host the 2024 Summer Games.

A letter to the Prime Minister from a group of private sector leaders says that the cost of pavilions will be shared jointly by participating countries.

If the city were to win the bid, it would be only Canada’s second official World Expo, after Expo 67 in Montreal, because the event’s regulatory committee classifies Vancouver’s Expo 86 as an “international specialized expo.”

The Expo committee says the event is aimed at showcasing innovation and is held every five years.