Province Funds Two Provincial Infrastructure Projects Locally through Northern Highways Program

Northern Highways

Ontario continues to invest in highway infrastructure in Northeastern Ontario through the Northern Highways Program. The province is investing a total of $11.3 million in four projects, two of which are in the Wawa area:

  • Rehabilitate two bridges over the Jackpine and Michipicoten rivers on Highway 101 east of Wawa
  • Rehabilitate the Hawk and McVeigh creeks on Highway 547 south of Hawk Junction

The other two are:

  • Rehabilitate two bridges and two culverts on Highway 539 and Highway 805 near River Valley
  • Replace the culvert at Jocko Creek on Highway 655 north of Timmins.

Work on all projects is scheduled to begin this spring.

In 2016-17 Ontario is investing $550 million in highway infrastructure projects across the North through the Northern Highways Program.
Glavin Coating and Refinishing has been awarded the $400,000 Highway 101 contract, with completion expected by fall 2016.

Construction companies involved in these projects are:

  • Miller Paving Limited has been awarded the $3.69-million Highway 547 contract, with completion expected by fall 2017.
  • Teranorth Construction & Engineering Limited has been awarded the $2.9-million highways 539 and 805 contract, with completion expected by fall 2016.
  • Interpaving Limited has been awarded the $4.1-million Highway 655 contract, with completion expected by fall 2016. To reduce construction time and minimize traffic impacts a pre-cast concrete culvert will be used.
  • MCON Pipe Products has been awarded the $275,000 culvert supply contract.

“Our government’s Northern Highways Program advances the goals of the Growth Plan for Northern Ontario by renewing and expanding modern transportation in the North. These latest investments will provide greater safety and improved driving conditions for motorists in Northeastern Ontario.” — Michael Gravelle, Minister of Northern Development and Mines.

“Wawa is a service hub for many communities located along the secondary highways in our region. We appreciate that the province is acting to maintain our highways in good driving condition and keep our communities connected.” — Ron Rody, Mayor, Municipality of Wawa.