Really? Ontario Liberals want to eliminate natural gas to heat your home

Liberal Minister for Environment and Climate Change Glen Murray

The Ontario Liberal energy polices continue to put people in the poor house and it doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon when you consider what was discussed at Queen’s Park yesterday, prompting the Ontario PC Caucus to issue a press release on the matter.

Liberal Minister for Environment and Climate Change Glen Murray confirmed his plan to eliminate natural gas as a fuel in Ontario. Industry officials estimate that switching homes from natural gas to electric heat will cost each Ontario household $3,000 more each year. Approximately 62 per cent of Ontario homes use natural gas for heating.

“If given the chance, Minister Murray has confirmed he would cut off affordable natural gas to Ontario’s cities,” said Ontario PC Energy Critic John Yakabuski. “Instead, Ontarians in cities would have to rely on electric heat, switch out their gas stoves and get rid of their gas barbecues. Minister Murray seems intent on eliminating natural gas in the province and making life even harder under the Liberals.”

This, just weeks after consumers were hit in the wallets again with the latest Hydro rate increase that came into effect May 1st. The latest adding about $3 a month to your hydro bill, another increase is set for November 1, 2016.

According to a poll on, 84% of those who voted named Hydro rates as the biggest issue facing Ontarians, and although not scientific, it clearly shows a snap shot of what’s on people’s minds in Ontario.

In response to a question from PC MPP Bob Bailey regarding the expansion of natural gas, Murray suggested “in Toronto, where I live, my building and others in my neighbourhood don’t need to be running on natural gas.” The Minister also stated that “home heating in the future is going to have to come from sources other than natural gas.”

The release continues, “Nothing has been more damaging to household budgets and to our economy than the province’s electricity rates,” added MPP Yakabuski. “The elimination of affordable natural gas would devastate family budgets and destroy the province’s natural gas industry. This government seems intent on making life more unaffordable in Ontario.”

A Facebook page has been set up with over 24,000 members encourage Ontario Hydro customers to post their bills, some extremely high due to non-payment.

It should be noted that Liberals have not passed any legislation nor have any in the works regarding elimination of Natural Gas as fuel source presently.




  1. How stupid. Most people had to switch to gas and probley paid for that with a credit card cause they were going to lose their home cause of electricity bills and now they think they are going to force people back to it with money they don’t have. This gov. is criminal and doesn’t care if you and your kids are left in the dark but other provinces are just as bad. When I lived in B.C. same thing was happening there. Everyone needs to rally in one spot and put the scare into them. But where ,when and how to get the majority out?

  2. Why don’t we do what they did in South Korea revolt against this government Canadians voted them in Canadians should be able to empeach them wait untill the factories start leaving Canada carbon tax will drive them out the prime Minister is buy poller like his mother Wayne and him are in together to ruin Canada that come up with this commit change to tax us to death we need leaders like the premier of Saskatchewan

  3. OH HELL NO! NOT Happening! They try make this happen and I will personally inspire and lead and armed revolt ! enough already!!! You try living anywhere outside of the large urban centres without a clean reliable low cost energy source then tell me this is a good idea! What a huge stinking pile of BULL FECES! There is a world outside of Toronto’s boundaries and we’re sick of this draconian crap !You would do well to remember that ALL of the mineral wealth and much of the agricultural infrastructure of the province exists way beyond the range of the golden whore-shoe. WE can certainly live without Toronto but you try pulling this and you’ll soon discover that Toronto can’t live without us!..BRING IT ON BITCH!

  4. My electrical bill in just 10 years went from being my smallest utility bill to double all my other bills. I was even pondering recently if it was cheaper to generate my own electricity with natural gas so bloated was my electricity bill!! I am a person that cares about the environment too, but I also like to feed my kids and provide them a fulfilling upbringing, so sometimes common sense dictates what can or should be done and what sacrifices you have to make. I’m amazed at how out of touch this government is with the average Ontarian. We aren’t all Bay street business men with a wealth of disposable income. The Liberal energy policy has been a fail and is impoverishing the average Ontario family. Social and market engineering gone amuck! Yet….despite the fails and scandals the mass mentality keeps voting these bozo’s in. Incredulous!!

  5. The only reason why they want to eliminate Natural Gas is so they can screw us with the high cost of Electricity. Already Ontarian’s are paying for the highest Hydro of anywhere in Canada. You no why? That’s because the Liberals made so many mistakes and we have to pay debt retirement to cover up the loss at Hydro so they can pay out all the millions of dollars in bonuses. Not to mention, e-health, orange and the dreaded hydro plant that is belly up. How mush BS can people take. Wake up Canada take a stand and make your voice heard. I would hate to have my grandfather hear all this crap . He fought for the freedom of this country.

  6. Folks, when this premier wynne of this liberal party was running for the leadership, all the cartoon characters who were running against her stepped aside like a gang of fools. But the joke sadly was on us. For their reward, all of them were given a cabinet post like a bunch of kids on Christmas morning. Seriously folks, you can’t make this stuff up. This once proud province is in big trouble and we, our children and grand children will pay dearly for this.

  7. Folks, when this premier wynne of this liberal party was running for the leadership, all the idiots who were running against her stepped aside like a gang of imbeciles. But for their reward, all of them were given a cabinet post like a bunch of kids on Christmas morning. Seriously folks, you can’t make this stuff up. This once proud province is in big trouble and we and our children and grand children will pay dearly for this huge mistake. The federal liberals are no better. We’s in big trouble folks.

  8. Shame on you Glen Murray! Your bloated government salary may allow you to afford higher electric bills but the rest of us are having a hard time with the costs of them now. You are an evil man.

  9. We are all on a roller coaster to hell with the Liberal party. Global warming is the biggest fraud out there. The earth goes through cycles and has since the beginning of time. This is just so the rich can push their agendas. What is going on major deforestation and the stupid people that go into space that is effecting the earth. Keep going Ontario government, there won’t be anybody working in this province. People can barely get by now.

  10. Hey voters, what do you think of this great party now. Not to worry, nanny Kathleen who replaced nanny Dalton have our best interests at heart. We should just follow their teachings. In any other civilized country, these two would have been up on charges to bring down a governing province. Their record the past ten years speaks for itself. I do believe that if zombies existed, Ontario would be the only province or region in the world to ban the destruction of them as it would be inhuman.

  11. Being in the energy business, I would like one question answered.. Where will all this energy come from to displace the use of natural gas..There are over 2 million customers with one utility alone. Gas is the cleanest of fossil fuels and is used to fuel power plants all over this country, not to mention grow your food in greenhouses and multiple other uses that no one thinks about. When it was used to power up cars, very few people bought into it, strange because the emission were very clean and performance was comparable to current cars.
    Policy makers need to get an understanding of where their energy comes from. Try using solar and wind in the middle of winter. It is not reliable. Natural gas has been a reliable source of energy for over 100 years, so much so that they want to use it for power plants. Where do you think the electricity comes from if you plan to plug in your cars in the future.. There are a lot of dreamers out there and I hope they can dream up some practical solutions not this dreaming in living colour.
    Maybe someone can figure how to reduce the CO2 in the air.. That is my challenge to one of you geniuses out there. Figure out how to mimic what plants and trees do, they use CO2 in the photosynthesis process and give off oxygen.. Figure that out

  12. Are carbon emissions such an issue that can’t be solved with even cleaner burning furnaces and filters to catch emissions??? So I guess nuclear is better so that they can create a big radioactive dump site that will leach spent fuel into our great lakes and rivers.

  13. I just switched my home from hydro to gas, because one month Jan 2014 cost me $650, I figured the furnace I installed paid for itself in 2 to 3 years in the savings from electricity to gas.

  14. Wynn, is the worst Premier since Dalton McQ. Hmm.
    I rely totally on electric power, and have always complained about my bill $600/mos., two seniors.
    Last Nov., I spent $10,000. converting to propane heat (N.G, not available), and because of an increase Hydro one was given by Wynn, in Dec., my bill changed Very little.
    Wynn is now allowing another increase because Hydro One’s profit was down because of our mild winter. I’m sure the same consideration will be given to N.G, and Home Oil suppliers, do ya think? My company manufactures, In Canada, Winter Boots, we suffered as well. The handout line starts Where?.
    Wynn is (too) obviously trying to make Hydro One look like a Good investment to potential Investors, do you think she Might be looking for a Board Of Directors position as well ??? when she “Retires” from Politics??

  15. What fantasy world do the Ontario Liberal Party live in. I had a small amount of respect for the Liberals and Glen Murray, but this bone headed direction has removed any respect left for these fools. The fools need to be voted out of office.

    • Go back to the Southern States where you belong. Hold on I am coming also.

      Come on Luke how can you respect such a backwards system that most Canadians are clueless to see through the forest for what it really is. Commie Canada.

  16. Minister Murray is a certifiable idiot if he thinks this is good policy. As a pensioner on a very fixed income, it is all I can do to keep up with hydro now and will have to choose between a roof over my head, food and some form of heat and light if he continues in this disastrous direction. For God’s sake, this Liberal government is killing this province. It is about time the took a reality check and realized all the damage they are doing.

  17. The Minister is smoking crack. There is no way anyone with common sense would if consider such a proposal without a comprehensive plan to drop hydro rate by 90% before introducing such insanity.

  18. I see a lot of people venting. But when do we start taking action? When do we actually put a stop to this Liberal distruction of Ontario? We need to take actions and stop Wynn from doing anymore harm.

  19. Think people. Walk the talk. Get an electric boiler or just continue to burn fossil fuel. Electric boiler needs NO chimney work. Furnace size 7″x18″x14″. Takes up no room at all. Needs zero maintenance. No exhaust of no see, no smell, “clean” natural gas a burning fossil fuel . 99.9% efficient. Not expensive to buy unit, less thab gas unit. Europe, where energy is so expensive people use electric boilers. With our winters and solar you will freeze to death. Need no carbon dioxide detectors, the silent no smell killer. Not any more and maybe less than Gas. Gas burned from homes as polluting as cars. Wake up you no pay attention people. Does any one read any more.
    Come on do you remember at the “ex” “Live Better Electrically” Building. Never left my conscious.
    Maybe you need to rethink other stuff ie.
    Have you even seen

    • +KW Think people. Walk the talk..coming from a person using a computer( made from petrochemicals) to tell us to stop using fossil fuels Are you going to offer to pay my conversion costs and increased electric bills? If not then you ain’t walking the walk you’re talking pal.. but i bet you’re eco-conscoius social justice ass was all in favour of paying the way for those poor maligned foreign refugees to come over here and demand the right to bleed us dry while we who’ve paid into the system our whole life are left to fend for ourselves. And you tell me i need to rethink other stuff… remove the plank from you’re own eye!

  20. This article just emphasizes how clueless Minister Murray really is – he has no idea what he is talking about when it comes to electrical generation etc. As a power station engineer it makes me puke to listen to this useless idiot.It is hard to believe he can be so stupid so one has to think he is bought and paid for.

    • Tom

      You hit the nail on the head. This Minister is totally incompetent and should be placed in a Mental Institution. I still remember Ontario’s pitch in the 70’s and 80’s “Live Better Electrically’ and that was before the TOU rip off and statapherically high Hydro rates. Rocks in his head. This government needs to be impeached!

  21. Ok what the “H” does he want me too use? We got rid of the electric heat because it cost us too much and if you use too much electricity it causes brown outs. We mostly use wood, which they don’t want us to use, we are retired so starting to rely more on our natural gas system, which is high effecency. I mean what do they want to do ruin the country like the U.S. Why don’t they worry more about the homeless, our veterans, mentally ill that are on the streets, our military and the list can go on. Worry about terrorism and it is coming here, no sense putting your head in the sand it is going to happen. We can’t afford the bills we get now with all the guidelines to only use during certain times. I am sick of this government all ready.

  22. Why the hell would they sell off 60% of hydro one then force people to join Hydro One. We are missing a piece of this puzzle, Maybe the Liberal government is buying up a lot of Hydro One shares. Who knows??

  23. Not a chance! The Liberal Government forgets that we the citizens of Ontario and Canada elect them! I and a lot of other people are so sick of this communists reign of unaffordability and unaccountability. Start standing up for ourselves. It is time we all became activists.

  24. The only way to get stuff fix if Canada go into war with our gov other then that stfu and keep taking it people because this is what going to happen it only going to get worst you cry cry cry all you want on hear and it not going help

  25. the Liberals are a bunch of low life losers. I hope people smarten up next election. Zoolander and Orville Reddenbacher’s sister are out to bankrupt Ontario for sure.

    • it cost us a small fortune here in N.B. to switch over,,,think i would consider to sue our government,where do they think people will get all this money for all these increases,,this is starting to scare us,, we are seniors and we only get a certain amount of money in our cheques and there is no more,,i don’t want electric heat,i have friends who have it here now and it is just about putting them in the poor house,,they give you cost breaks till you are all switched over, then the rates go up,,,,

  26. This video is highly edited. They left out a huge portion of the actual discussion. Just to get a rise out of people. Natural gas is NOT renewable. So yes one day in the future it will not be available, we have to find ways which conserve. This means find alternatives in areas where possible, that people can afford. We are not there yet so as the people we should come up with alternatives instead of complaining about every tiny thing. Remember the government will always piss off a chunk of the population you can’t make everyone happy. We do need change that helps lower income families.

    • How will getting rid of natural gas and going to electrical heat (which would clearly be overpriced in the province of Ontario), help lower income families? How is the Ontario Liberal government a good choice for lower income people? Have you seen your electricity bill?

    • By current estimates there is sufficient natural gas in Canada at current useage to last 100 years. There are also two new huge gas fields in Northern Alberta, part of B.C. and in the N.W. Territories
      which have not been brought on stream and will contribute many more years. The gas is relatively inexpensive so Murray should shut up and move on to some other nonsensical idea!!

    • We’ll all be long gone before Canada runs out of NG and you are dreaming in technicolor if you think the likes of wind turbines etc could replace the likes of NG or Nuclear Power.You need to do your homework.

    • Victoria, they have gotten to you. Don’t believe what they the govt are preaching, it is all about money and there own interests, nothing else. Don’t be a victim here, read all of the other posts, you are the only one thinking like this.

  27. Natural gas cleaner and cheaper than coal. if the switch to electricity is abrupt, it’s not a good move.

    A gradual switch – maybe ok, if cost kept down.

  28. They want to ban wood burning, natural gas, & raised the price of electricity so no one can afford to use it,now going to raise it again because people are conserving it!!! They all need to live in the north & know what it’s like when the power goes off in 20 below temps!

  29. The Fiberal track record with decisions surrounding energy is extremely poor. They have done enough damage in that area. This Energy Minister is nuts. Also people, if you are going to post your bill on that site ensure all personal information is masked out, names, address, account number etc. to prevent identity fraud.

  30. Thank fis I didn’t vote liberal

    Never have – and DEFF won’t ever well all be broke homeless and starving while trudeaux and his refugees are living the highlife

  31. Really? Does anyone actually listen and watch the video… you can take anything out of context to make someone look bad… this is well written and edited even better to get your agenda across to the readers

    • I watched the entire Question Period and this is not taken out of context. Replacing natural gas heating with electricity is part of the new Liberal Climate Change Action Plan to address greenhouse gas emissions from buildings. The Minister also stated that this was mainly aimed at cities and not at rural Ontario. Strangely enough, the Ministry of Energy is giving generous grants for industry and manufacturers to switch off the grid to natural gas CHP and will be adding more natural gas generation capacity to the province’s power supply.

  32. Did anyone watch the video? Clearly states, “where other, more affordable options are available” and “in the future”… so breathe people, relax and quit taking words out of context… natural gas may not be around forever as it is “natural” and is not renewable and also might be cheap but if we use it for everything our kids won’t have a planet to live on… seems smart “if” there are “other” options

    • Ya I watched it and he said how he doesnt have natural gas in his building. Must be great when you make $200,000 a year like Wynne and her cronies. Ontario is the dumbest province in Canada and this proves it.

    • Won’t have a planet to live on? Bit melodramatic isn’t it? Keep forcing unaffordable environmental regulations and they won’t have a job, a home, or a pot to pee in.

  33. This is really scary, Frank, but for once I have to agree with you… Wynne is an airhead running a government of airheads..I hate being in a position of voting for the party you dislike the least, but I think next time around it’s anyone but Winnie the Poo…

  34. Is there anything that this provincial liberal party can do that can shock anyone in this once proud province. Seriously folks. I’m not really sure what another party would do to clean up the mess created by these liberals but I am certainly prepared to find out.

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