Soup Kitchen needs Food… badly!


“Poverty is not so much a ‘cycle’ as a spiral down; once set in motion it becomes very difficult to counteract it’s downward pull. Throughout all the challenges, the Soup Kitchen Community Centre has responded with ever expanding programs and services. It has been an excellent model of charity.” – the Soup Kitchen Community Centre

Manager Ron Sims just reached out to SaultOnline reporter Lynne Brown with a tone in his voice that compelled her to drop everything and head down to the Centre. As seen in this unedited video, the shelves are almost bare. With so many organizations and people finding themselves in need of this Community resource, you can’t blame Ron for being just a bit concerned.

CALL TO ACTION… a few simple ways you can help out:

  • the next time you visit the grocery store, grab an extra non-perishable item or two to donate
  • start a food drive at your workplace or school or support an existing one
  • participate in a fundraising event, or feel free to dream up one yourself
  • have a few dollars you would like to donate, see contact information below

Contact Information:
Soup Kitchen Community Centre
172 James Street, Sault Ste. Marie, ON
Phone: (705) 942-2694

*** Non-perishable food items may also be dropped off at Superior Media/Superior Business Solutions, located at 531 Second Line East next to Atlas Auto Parts. Our teams would be happy to make sure your food donations get to the Soup Kitchen Community Centre. ***


  1. A good cause that I donate to whenever I can. What I don’t agree with is the number of people that go there that do not need to, they are taking food right out of the mouths of people that really need it the most.

    • I remember wen the donuts shops, bakers and even restaurants used to donate several times a week – day’olds’ and leftover supplies. What has happened that this has changed? Regulations? 🙁 Come on Saultites!!! We are all in this economic downfall together, we are all family and we all suffer when our community suffers. Help when you can, with whatever you can (food, time, fund-raiser ideas) so that these resources of support will still be there when the day comes that you or your loved ones need that helping hand to get through. Thank you … Together We are Community!

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