Teen arrested in on-going graffiti investigation


Officers with the Criminal Investigations Division of the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service have arrested 18 year old Kurtis STONE of 1941 Queen Street East for 41 counts of mischief under $5,000 and 2 counts of Break and Enter in relation to an ongoing graffiti investigation.

As a result of an investigation that began August of 2015, officers with the Criminal Investigations Division, with the assistance of the public, were able to identify 40 locations where the accused is alleged to have spray painted the word “BORED” on a variety of buildings and structures in Sault Ste. Marie.

On the 18th of May 2016 the accused, Kurtis STONE broke into the Sir James Dunn High School building located at 1601 Wellington Street East in Sault Ste. Marie. Further, on the 19th of May 2016 the accused again broke into the Sir James Dunn High School building and spray painted the word “BORED” on one of the walls.

Officers with the Criminal Investigations Division, Crime Suppression Unit and Patrol Services Division were able to quickly respond and contain the property while officers from the K-9 Unit, and Emergency Services Unit searched the building to locate and arrest the accused.

Upon his arrest the accused was found to be in possession of a backpack containing 17 cans of spray paint and other spray paint accessories. The accused was taken into custody and will appear in bail court on Friday May 20th, 2016.

The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service would like to thank the members of the public that have assisted in identifying and stopping graffiti in our city. We look forward to continuing our efforts with our community partners to ensure the safety of all members of the public and their property.


  1. I am a professional mural artist… this graffetti is not something new… It is vandalism ! Nobody asked for their properties to be tagged with spray paint ! It is not art ! I could take a key and scratch in a beautiful image into the side of your car !!! Is that something you would want on your vehicle in the sake of calling something art ?
    Wake up …..Really ? A few bush cams in an area could have caught this person quicker. To see this everywhere sickens me !

  2. How about this city give misguided teens a teen centre like the Soo once had, where they can go and be productive and socialize in a safe place, and then they won’t be ‘bored’. A young artistic person like Kurtis could paint a mural and put his skills to use, perhaps inspire other youth towards art. I honestly think Kurtis was talking to us (as in society as a whole) in the only way he knew how…. I for one hear what he is saying and would have to agree, a lot of youngins’ in our fine town are straight up ‘BORED’

    • How about his parents stop him from going out in the middle of the night with black fingers and a backpack full of paint.. a teen center isn’t going to do anything, they have a skate park and they continually tag the building right across the street…the pharmacy… kids don’t respect other peoples property..it hasn’t got anything to do with “boredom” how about he gets a job.

    • A lot of youth are bored and find more productive things to do. I grew up in this town when the Teen Center was here, I was still bored, and I never turned to spray painting things. It sounds like you know Kurtis personally and are trying to defend his actions, which is at least somewhat understandable, but all of his time and effort doing these crappy tags could have been channeled into doing something more positive or at least not illegal.

  3. I hope the sentence is that he has to scrub every inch of the defamation and destruction of other people’s property with a toothbrush….until it is ALL gone… that crime is such a disgrace. No tolerance.

    • Totally agree with you there. It’s getting out of hand and when the kids have to ‘undo’ the damage, in this case by putting him to work cleaning it all up, then perhaps these hooligans won’t be so quick to reoffend.

    • Jail isn’t the answer. A scrub brush and a pail of soapy water with a sign saying I was bored. He won’t be so bored then, and I bet he would never do it again.

      • A scrub brush and soapy water will not remove paint.
        The areas will need to be repainted.
        Jail IS the answer as well as being accountable for the cost of repainting all that he defaced.

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