The fate of the Churchill Library Branch


The Churchill branch of the library seems to have an inevitable fate.

Council didn’t make a clear decision tonight but it seems to be that it will be closing and moving its collection.

To where? There are a few possibilities but the mayor seems to think we will do fine without replacing it and running with the two current libraries, downtown and in the west end.

“I looked at the branch in the east end of the city and it seemed like an expensive branch to run…there’s 3 kilometers between the east end branch and the centennial branch…my thinking was that we could have two really great library branches in this city…we are trying to drive traffic downtown…maybe we can have two really great library branches than three,” said mayor Christian Provenzano. “We have to move beyond the status quo…” and he also commented that maybe brick and mortar libraries are something of the past.

The following chart is what the proposed costs are for a new library on MacDonald Avenue:

Library report chart 1

The following are some of the new options for the library system that would run out of other centres like Metro, book vending machines and pop-up libraries:

Library report chart 2

Also this is the growth of the library system locally since 2005:

Library report chart 3


  1. I understand the cost savinfmgs and expenses. My problem is, you are taking a vital part of an east end community. We don’t all have a want, need or opportunity to get downtown or to the west end. For many it is inconvenient. We all know that once the library closes the doors, we will never see anything mentioned above come into effect.

  2. Should have mentioned in the article itself some of the drawbacks of the Churchill Branch(notably, its obscene renovation costs). My first thoughts were angered towards the city making further cuts but I see where Christian is coming from

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