We’re a lazy bunch : Butland

Students from St. Mary's French Immersion were on hand to help clean up the place

Councillor Steve Butland pretty much summed it up, “we’re a lazy bunch”. He was referring to humans and how lazy we are when it comes to discarding trash.

“Stats show that 75 per cent of us are guilty of littering,” Butland told a crowd gathered at the Civic Centre for the fifth annual 20 Minute Make-Over. The event is designed for citizens to take pride in their surroundings and clean up their yards or public areas of trash.

20-min-cakeThis year 700 people registered for the event, much more than the few hundred just a few years ago.  For 20 minutes of your day, those who registered where given certain areas to work on. The board walk, downtown areas and the Civic Centre to name a few.

“If we all chip in, each and every one of us, things will get better,” said Butland.

The intent of the community clean-up is to promote civic pride, encourage city beautification, and acknowledge Earth Day.

Registered participants received a clean-up kit containing gloves, garbage bags, and other items.

Prizes, including gift cards, gift baskets, and rain barrels, will be awarded for the best participant photos taken of litter clean-up and illegal graffiti removal during the event.

But the beautification goes further than wrappers and coffee cups on the ground. Susan Myers, Ward 2 councillor, also brought up another eyesore graffiti and “tagging”.

“I think we all realize there are different forms of litter,” Myers said, “certainly the illegal graffiti is one of them and something that’s growing. Some of the crews today worked on removing “tags” on buildings and other structures throughout the city.

_DSC4641“we need the citizens to be our eyes and be looking out for our community”

Butland added that most people are lazy stating that people will litter even if a garbage can is within walking distance.



  1. We shouldn’t need a community clean-up day. I watch as people drop empty chip bags and food wrappers on the ground, or toss them out the car window. It is truly sad.

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