Wynne Liberals must assure no cuts at Matthews Memorial Hospital: Mantha


Queen’s Park – During Question Period today, Michael Mantha, NDP MPP for Algoma-Manitoulin, demanded the Wynne government provide assurances to patients and families that there will be no cuts to the Matthews Memorial Hospital as a result of health care underfunding.

“My office has been overwhelmed this spring by constituents calling, worried about potential cuts to the Matthews Memorial Hospital Emergency Department. The possibility of reducing the current 24 hour emergency care to just 12 hours, is deeply troubling to community members,” Mantha said.

“I’ve heard from St. Joseph Island, Desbarats, Bruce Mines, the North Shore and other surrounding areas about how devastating this would be to our communities. Patients and families deserve to know what’s happening to our local hospital.”
“Will the Minister tell us exactly what cuts are on the table at Matthews Memorial Hospital?,” Mantha said.

Mantha said the Wynne Liberals are leaving Northern health care behind.
“Funding for hospitals in Northern Ontario is simply inadequate,” Mantha said. “And to make matters worse, small Northern hospitals do not have the funding to offer outpatient lab work. We have seen time and time again that Northern patients are taking a backseat when it comes to proper health care.”

“Why is this government refusing to deliver the stable, predictable funding that hospitals need to protect patient care for the people of Northern Ontario?,” Mantha said.