Wynne Liberals prioritize Hydro shareholders, while Ontarians are left paying the price: NDP


During Question Period today, Ontario NDP Energy Critic Peter Tabuns, said that Ontarians are facing higher hydro bills despite consuming less electricity because of the Wynne government’s mismanagement of the energy sector that prioritizes shareholder profits over Ontario families.

“Instead of fixing Hydro One—so that it delivers affordable, secure, and green power for all Ontarians—this government has prioritized making money for shareholders, while at the same time, driving up rates for customers,” Tabuns said. “My question is simple: when will this government start putting the interests of Ontarians first?

Last Friday, it was announced that Hydro One shareholders will be paid more than $36 million in dividends. Meanwhile Ontarians saw their hydro bills increase again on May 1, despite using less electricity. This is the eighth time in a row that rates have gone up by more than 9 per cent over the previous year.

“Ontarians don’t need to be convinced that this Liberal government continues to mismanage the energy file,” Tabuns said. “Eighty -five per cent of Ontarians say that the government should stop the sell-off of Hydro One. The FAO says that the sell-off of Hydro One will make the province worse off by half a billion dollars every year. Businesses say that sky-high electricity prices are hurting growth in the province.”

Tabuns called out the Wynne government for continued scandals in the energy file, and demanded a reversal of its decision to privatize Hydro One.

“Once again the government is facing an OPP investigation related to deleted documents over the cancellation of a multi-million dollar energy contract,” Tabuns said. “When will this government stop making Ontarians pay the price for its short-sighted and self-serving actions?”


  1. The only direction the price will go is up, wayyy up.
    Hydro, fuel, taxes and everything else that is taxable.
    The amount of people living below poverty level will increase by 10 times what it is now.
    I think half of the dough heads that voted fiberal did it because they said they would legalize dope.
    Well, enjoy it if it ever actually happens.

  2. I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure a private enterprise would never, ever have signed the kind of deals for solar and wind that this corrupt bunch of cowboys did. Maybe the discontinued bribes and kickbacks to the liberals and the ministry of energy people will end up lowering the price.

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