You don’t want these as pets


While most people go for the puppy or kitten for a family pet, there are those who want something a little more exotic.

“It would blow your mind  how many people have alligators as pets” said Kyle Lawrie, a Wildlife educator with Little Ray’s reptile Zoo based in Ottawa Ontario.

Lawrie says about 80 percent of the animals at the zoo were formerly pets that got too much to handle. He spends a lot of time on the road for the Zoo’s educational exhibit all over North America. “The situation is much worse in the States” Lawrie said. The traveling exhibit, named “Diversity of Living Things” called John Rhodes Centre home for the weekend giving children and grown ups  an opportunity to be face to face with  face to face with a kangaroo, crocodilians, giant snakes, tarantulas, monitor lizards.

Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo is more of a sanctuary for the animals, that would be put down otherwise. “People just don’t realize how long a tortoise or turtle lives”  Many of the reptiles and other animals such as tigers, lions, and large snakes usually end up at a place like Little Ray’s.
“We use these animals to teach people that little caiman we have, isn’t a good pet or that 12 and half inch  snake that will grow to 18 feet is not a good snake to have at home”

The 12,000 square foot exhibit  featured over 30 live animals and stations for people to enjoy at their leisure, 2 highly interactive educational programs rotated 15 minutes apart including a birds of prey show each of the two days and offered boat loads of animals out for people to interact with the trained staff.

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