You’ll be surprised at what these flags represent


If you were driving by St. Mary’s College on Second Line Wednesday, you probably noticed a field of little blue and pink flags. Although it may be a pretty site, what the flags represent is not.

“Each flag represents 10 abortions and we’re using 10,000 flags today to represent how many abortions are performed in Canada each year,” said Joe Ruscio, a local businessmen and pro-lifer.  Ruscio organized the event at St. Mary’s with Mike Schouten from  

Joe Ruscio - local organizer helped with the flag display
Joe Ruscio – local organizer helped with the flag display

“Today the school is taking part in some pro-life activities that consists of presentations inside the school and how we can take new found knowledge out and learn to express ourselves in a civil and passive manor and educate the people on what the status quo is on abortion in Canada,” Schouten told Wednesday morning.

Schoten along with Ruscio and students planted the flags at the entrance way grounds to the school – a job that took most of the morning.

Schouten started the We Need a Law campaign with hopes to gain a groundswell of support laws that would begin to protect children in the womb.

“Canada is the only country in the world that has no protection for children in the womb, most people are not aware of that. They believe you can only get an abortion up to 12 or 16 weeks, but ever since 1988 when the Supreme Court struck that down for various reasons, governments have refused to enact new laws for protection of children in the womb,” Schouten said.

Schouten said, “Without the laws, it means a woman can have an abortion based on the sex of the child and there’s nothing to prevent that.”

“In Canada, if you’re 18 years old you can’t get married without parental consent. At 14 you can’t go into a tanning salon and most places you can’t get a tattoo. But in Canada, if you’re 14 and become pregnant you can have an abortion and your parents won’t have any knowledge of it.”

_DSC4963Schouten says most Canadians think it’s ridiculous that a woman can get an abortion at 26 weeks.

“We heard a testimony from a student this morning that she was pregnant and went for an ultrasound at 20 weeks and the Doctor believed the baby had down syndrome. The Doctor stressed to her there were “options” but she decided against it and her child was born completely healthy.”

“We need Canadians to actively pursue having this conversation with other Canadians.”

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  1. I think that this is a great way to raise awareness for pregnant women… I feel that it’s a gift no matter the gender of the child or the disorder of any child. They have the right to live a life like you and I.

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