10 Years Ago Today: Memorial Gardens Demolition


It was around this time 10 years ago that the Sault Memorial Gardens, who were the home of players like Ron Francis, Paul Coffey, Wayne Gretzky and John Vanbiesbrouck, were being torn down.

The 3,990 capacity arena had its last game in 2006 and this summer, 10 years ago, it was gone.

Built in 1949, at the time of its demolition, it was the second oldest arena in Ontario.

With its Art Deco facade, it seems like a long time ago that sell-out crowds packed the place.

With the famous Greyhound audience response to the announcement that Pino’s IGA was a proud sponsor: “Who cares!”

“Well Pino cares,” replied the announcer.

The Gardens was just a short walk from the then popular Agawa Canyon Railway which fans would ride from up north to watch the games.

All what’s left as a reminder today is the war memorial tower that shines its red beacon.

That is unless you were one of the many to buy pieces of the arena as it was being demolished, as souvenirs.

Here’s an old picture of the inside of the Gardens, setting up for a concert:

Setup of Empty Memorial Gardens

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  1. I totally agree Denny. Essar has hurt our community and is still doing so. Too many pieces of brick have been named after them, the company that’s tearing the city apart.

  2. It was a busy place with all kinds of good memories of hockey and concerts, April Wine comes to mind.
    It really needs to become the Memorial Gardens once again, the name should have never been allowed to be changed.
    Hopefully the city is of the same mind and when the naming rights expire they will give it back the name that rightfully belongs to it.

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