18 small businesses open up in the Sault!

open for business

This summer, 18 youth in the Sault Ste. Marie area started businesses with the support of a young entrepreneur program. Summer Company is administered in the region by the Sault Ste. Marie Economic Development Corporation. Funded by the Province of Ontario, the program provides grants and mentoring to assist students between the ages of 15 and 29 in starting a seasonal business.

“Summer Company provides a wonderful opportunity for youth to try their hand at entrepreneurship,” said Angela Bruni, an Economic Development Officer with the Sault Ste. Marie Economic Development Corporation. “In many cases, Summer Company participants turn their seasonal businesses into full-time, year-round operations, which speaks to the success and value of the program. I encourage the public to support his year’s crop of young entrepreneurs.”

To promote their businesses, Summer Company participants will have displays at Staples on Great Northern Road from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday, June 29. The event is part of Youth Entrepreneurship Day. For more details, visit www.facebook.

The 2016 Summer Company participants in the Sault Ste. Marie area are:

Secret Sip Coffee Club: Aron Coccimiglio
– E-Commerce Coffee Company

Touchdown Media: Noah Smith
– Creates videos for student-athletes for athletic recruitment
Phone: 705-297-2150 Email: [email protected]

Northern Equine Massage Therapy: Tianna Rice
– Equine massage therapy
Phone: 705-206-8050 Email: [email protected]

Mazzuca Basketball Academy: Mackenzie Mazzuca
– Summer basketball camp
Phone: 705-946-3234 Email: [email protected]

Technic Computer Services: Nicholas Kowaleski
– In-home computer repair services
Phone: 705-971-2856 Email: [email protected]

Tristan’s Hardwood Products: Tristan Olar
– Chops and sells firewood
Phone: 705-255-8901 Email: [email protected]

PetSitter Plus: Kaitlyn Triskle
– Pet sits at customers’ homes
Phone: 705-255-8372 Email: [email protected]

NSMZ T: Bronson Roach
– Creates his own graphics and sells apparel
Phone: 416-770-8496 Email: [email protected]

Inspired deSIGNS: Emma McLeod
– Creates personalized signage
Phone: 705-297-4301 Email: [email protected]

Virgil Business Solutions: Daniel Friyia
– Website design
Phone: 705-943-9515 Email: [email protected]

Fresh Kicks 4 Less: Adrian Torok
– Purchases used shoes, cleans them up and sells them as refurbished shoes
Phone: 705-206-6849 Email: [email protected]

JDBR Services: Julian Bell-Robertson
– In-home cleaning and landscaping
Phone: 705-297-2753 Email: [email protected]

KC Firewood: Kile Coulson
– Chops and sells firewood
Phone: 705-943-7303 Email: [email protected]

Halle Nails: Halle Zachary
– Nail care and design
Phone: 705-297-0162 Email: [email protected]

D’s Lawncare and Maintenance: Darrell Baker
– Lawn care
Phone: 705-943-2762 Email: [email protected]

Country Store Ice Cream Parlour: Logan Frech
– Ice cream shop
Phone: 705-257-0267 Email: [email protected]

Bold Noize: Tristan Goslow
– Christian rapper
Phone: 705-257-7746 Email: [email protected]

Amethyst Artistry: Marlena Temporao
– Creates personalized artwork
Phone: 705-971-9648 Email: [email protected]