A competition between friends

Scott Barber Manager Tim Hortons with Ryan Ditommaso, owner and Wendy's manager Kerilyn Trudel-houslander

wendy-tim-hortonsThey share the same building so when an idea came about to help the Sault Ste. Marie Soup Kitchen, it only made sense to see who could gather the most, between Tim Hortons and Wendy’s at Second Line and Great Northern Road. But we’re not talking customers, we’re talking canned goods.

“I saw online that the Soup Kitchen needed some help” said Wendy’s manager, Kerilyn Trudel-Houslander. At first the food drive was set up between staff members and what store could collect the most canned goods, the winning staff would be treated to a pizza party, Trudel-Houslander said.

But then the idea of inviting the public to help decide the winner was introduced and as of Tuesday morning, the Wendy’s bin has pulled ahead.

IMG_1430The friendly rivalry of course will benefit the Soup Kitchen that is constantly in need of non-perishable food items all year long. Last month the shelter practically ran out of food to feed the needy in Sault Ste. Marie.

The fill the bin competition is only being held at this location said Scott Barber, manager of the Second Line Tim Hortons location. Customers can bring their food items and pick the bin they want. The bins will be there until the end of June.

Once the items have been tallied a presentation will be made to Ron Sim, Manager of the Sault Community Soup Kitchen.






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