ADSB does the balancing act


At the Board Meeting held on Tuesday, June 14th the Algoma District School Board (ADSB) approved a total budget for expenditures and revenue, including transfers to and from reserves, for the 2016/17 budget year in the amount of $145,057,501.

Within this budget, the Board has committed to the continuation of:

–  Support for Board Improvement Plan (Professional Learning Resources)

–  Educational Technology Leads in all schools

–  Professional Development for Technology

–  Upgrade our Wireless Access Points in schools for improved access

–  Capital Improvements to the learning environments in all our schools (i.e.  air quality and lighting)

Also, due to prudent management of budgets in 2015/16, the Board was able to implement some one-time expenses in the following areas before the end of August, 2016 that will be enhancements for the 2016/17 school year.  Many of these one-time expenses have a technology focus which is becoming increasingly important to students and staff in the learning environment.  The one-time expenses include the following:

–  Math Professional Learning Resources

–  Information Technology Infrastructure – Servers, Network switch upgrades, Wireless Access Points

–  Building and Grounds Improvements in schools (new basketball nets and baseball backstops)

–  IPADS in schools

–  Replacement of Mounted Projectors in classrooms

–  New Cloudbooks

–  IMACS for secondary schools

–  Technology supports for Special Education

The following new enhancements are included in 2016/17 through a combination of reallocations of existing budgets and new Ministry funding:

–  Increase Classroom Technology and Professional Development for Technology

–  Capital Improvements – Approximately $9 million in Projects scheduled

–  Capital Improvements for our New French Immersion site on Northern Ave.

–  Math Strategy Classroom Supports

–  French Immersion Program Planning (DELF)

–  Intramural Coordinator for Increased Physical Activity in schools

Senior Board Administration recognizes the need for careful management of public expenditures during this time of continued economic uncertainty in the Province.  Staff are now awaiting additional special project funding announcements and September 2016 enrolment figures.  This may result in additional enhancements for 2016-17.

Trustee Susan Thayer, Chair of the Operations and Budget Committee, added, “I appreciate the work of our Trustees and staff during this process to approve a balanced budget.  It is very exciting to see more technology being implemented for our system, improvements to learning environments and an ongoing commitment to professional learning in our classrooms.  All of this work supports the work of our great teachers, staff and our students with the goal of being Confident and Caring Citizens.”