Ancient Fighting Arts is back and tougher than ever

The students and teachers of the Ancient Fighting Arts. Photo by C.Shoust

Thanks to Bobby Clement, Ancient Fighting Arts, started many years ago by Rudy Timmerman, has returned and they are as tough as before.

With their recent wins in Sault, Michigan, Clement is carrying on in the ways that he learned from Timmerman.

“There’s so much more to martial arts than kicking and punching,” Clement said. He demands discipline, fitness, etiquette, self defence, courtesy and humility.

“It’s going back to the strict rules of training and discipline [he learned from Timmerman].”

It has not come back to fruition without the help of his grandfather, mother and wife, he made sure to note.

He does not descriminate either when taking in students.

“We don’t believe in what other people are saying about disabilities… I’m really happy that Bobby has the same idea,” Timmerman said in support.

One student he has suffers from ADHD and Clement believes in that student as much as the rest.

Bobby’s reason for wanting to reinstate the old Ancient Fighting Arts: “over the years the martial arts quality has gone down…” and Timmerman added “when I saw him, I saw he was doing martial arts in the way of the old school.”

His future goal: “eventually I would like to look at a youth-at-risk program.”

But he stresses: “I’d rather have quality than quantity,” he stresses as he isn’t in teaching martial arts for the money.

There’s a history and tradition he is trying to carry on.

“Team spirit. Like a family is where I want to see this go.”

His own reason for getting involved: “martial arts kept me out of a lot of bad things. Martial arts did play a big role in peer pressure for me personally, but you get to develop your own mind. You don’t become a sheep.”

Timmerman added, “we fostered good citizenship in the old club.” Timmerman would go to each school principal and ask for students with discipline issues and turn them around and be confident in themselves and respect others.

At the recent tournament, he was “very proud that we were known far and wide.”

If you want to be a student of Clement’s or have a child you want to enroll you can contact him at [email protected] or 705-971-5492


  1. The words that come out of Timmerman’s mouth can be as contradictory to what he does as any “grandmaster”. You just need to listen rather than only hear.

  2. “Ancient Fighting Arts”? Kuk Sool Won was created in 1961. Hap Ki Do’s lineage and history have been contested & disputed for years and is considered controversial. Its creation also fell between 1909 and 1985.

    • Kuk Sool Won’s “history”, especially Kuksanim’s, is about as reliable as any art’s alleged story. AFA is only a name. Before joining any club/organization, ask all around about the “grand poobaw” and then make a decision. If a decision to join is made, then listen very carefully to what is said.

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