“Because it was the right thing to do.”

Abdulmalik Alsubaie

This was the response of Abdulmalik Alsubaie when asked why he chose to donate the money he earned after a very unique fundraiser he planned all on his own. Abdulmalik, a Grade 4 student at Isabel Fletcher School, drew very detailed pictures of robots and sold them to family and friends in his neighborhood to support the work of the Algoma Canadian Cancer Society. “It was just the right thing to do- to support people with cancer.” Alsubaie said with confidence as he handed in nearly $40, all earned from selling his pictures. “I told people that there were no discounts or refunds, because the money was going to support cancer research,” Abdulmalik explained as he handed in the funds he raised. Malik’s younger brother, Abdulsamad (Samodee) also contributed $10 to the funds brought in by selling a few of his own drawings.

The boys’ mother, Maha Alsubaie said she felt inspired and proud of her son’s desire to help those around her. “We had friends and family that were also moved by what the boys were doing and came to our house to purchase drawings.”

Abdulmalik Alsubaie“It’s moments like this that really make you stop and smile,” said Lori McDonald Fundraising Specialist at the Canadian Cancer Society, “Seeing our youth participate in giving back for the right reasons is inspiring. It made our day that these boys thought about making a contribution simply because it was the right thing to do. We hope it will inspire others in the community to think of their own creative fundraisers,” said McDonald.

For more information on how you can host your own fundraiser contact the Algoma Community Canadian Cancer Society Office at 705-253-4781 390 McNabb Street Sault Ste. Marie.