Can the Sault take in 50 Syrian refugees?


As presented at city council tonight, the Sault will be getting 50 Syrian refugees in the near future. They will not all be coming at once but other media have been reporting skepticism with the process.

The House of Commons had originally agreed to study the process until last week but it has been extended until June 21st when they break for summer.

With the current waiting list for affordable housing being anywhere up to 2 years for people currently living here, it’s anyone’s guess as to where this housing is going to come from.

The Sault’s vacancy rate is just a decimal point currently. Not even half a per cent.

The current immigration loan program is under review and travel costs, which were supposed to be made free are now under review by the federal government.

The Canadian Dental Association says there are gaps in coverage.  Things like x-rays and stainless steel crowns are not covered. And for the rest they have to fill out a lot of paperwork.

There is also a serious shortage of food banks in the city currently.  Something which will hopefully be remedied soon as local charities start to stock up the food banks again.

All-in-all it is something we will have to look more closely at as they arrive.


  1. I don’t object but with a low vacancy rate, where would they live. I know they are sponsored so it’s not like we are supporting them. My concern is when the sponsorship ends will they have work to sustain themselves.

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