Car Wash makes an “impact”


The St. Mary’s College IMPACT team (Inspire and Motivate Peers to be Active Compassionate Teens) has focused one of its efforts on a student-led mental health initiative known as The Friendship Bench.

We are asking for our community’s help to create a visible symbol in the school that initiates conversations around mental health, inspires students to reach out to each other, and stands as a visible reminder to the community that sound mental health is an important part of each person’s life – not anything deserving of a stigma.

This Saturday, June 11, St. Mary’s College (SMC) students will be hosting a car wash, sponsored by Compass Imaging Group, from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. in the SMC parking lot at the intersection of Second Line East and Pine Street. Cost is $5 per vehicle.

The mission of The Friendship Bench is to educate students about the stressors inherent to student life and to promote ways to cope or manage stress before it further develops into anxiety or depression.  In addition, our goal is to connect those students who are already suffering from heightened stress, anxiety or depression – especially those suffering in silence – with available school and community resources.

The Friendship Bench seeks to connect individuals in need to available support networks, to encourage peer-to-peer discussions about mental health, and to educate students about triggers and coping mechanisms for stress, anxiety, depression and thoughts of suicide.

Your donation is important to bring The Friendship Bench to SMC.  We need your help and support to make this happen!

For inquiries regarding personal or corporate donations to support the St. Mary’s College Friendship Bench, contact Adriano Carota at St. Mary’s College at 705-945-5540 ext:22521 or via email [email protected]

To learn more about The Friendship Bench initiative visit: