Cash and a Lawyer needed to help Train Station project

The Searchmont Train Station was it stood in the early 1900's

The Searchmont Station and Preservation Historical Society is in need of help to move the train station re-build along.

“We have been told we need an extra $1,000 to secure our land deposit. We are also having a hard time finding a lawyer to help with the land transfer process and sign on our contract,” a press release issued Tuesday reads. ” If anyone can help us out we would truly appreciate it. At this time the building might be delayed to 2017, but if we can get this done, we might still have a chance.”

The group is hoping to restore the former train station to its glory days. First built in 1902, it is the only station along the line that was built during the era of Francis H. Clergue.

The rebuild is estimated to cost about $200,000.

Plans include jacking up the station and then transporting it by trailer about 1,500 feet down the road to its new home. The station will then be placed on a new foundation.

If you would like to know more or donate to this cause…

Financial donations can be made by:

Bank transfer – TD CanadaTrust
Email transfer: [email protected]

By Cheque/Money order – sent to
Searchmont Station Preservation & HS
28 Algoma Drive
Searchmont, Ont
P0S 1J0


  1. Surely some well to do lawyer that is a railway buff could give them $1000 and do the paperwork Pro bono.
    If they don’t get at it soon there will nothing left of that poor old building to restore, it’s in an awful state.

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