Draft Balls are back!


Union Jack Brewing Company is thrilled to announce the launch of their newest product the draft ball.  The new draft ball is a 20 litre plastic container that is tapped like a regular keg.  A traditional coupler and carbon dioxide line can be attached to it, such as those found in home kegerators.  It can also be outfitted with a party pump allowing its users to go totally off the grid.  The party pump is also available at the Union Jack Brewing Company’s store at 9 queen street east.

“The whole draft ball experience is going to be nostalgic for many Saultites” said Jordan Jack President of Union Jack Brewing Company.

The new draft balls are made out of 100% recyclable plastic.  They just need to be crushed and can be thrown directly into regular household recycling.  This also solves a problem many campers have as glass bottles are not allowed in some provincial parks and individual aluminum cans are cumbersome to carry.

“Going into summer the draft ball is going to fix a problem many Northerners have, how to transport their beer for camping” said Mr. Jack. “It should also reduce the environmental footprint we Northerners work so hard to protect.”

The brewery has grown significantly since opening last year. Output has doubled since October 2015 and is on track for a further doubling by mid-summer.  Last month the brewery launched its 473mL tall boy cans at The Beer Store and Union Jack is hoping to be on LCBO and grocery store shelves by the end of June.

The brewery is open Monday thru Thursday 12pm – 6pm and is expanding its Friday and Saturday hours to 12pm – 10pm to accommodate the significant leap in business.


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