Driverseat Geared up to eliminate impaired driving this Canada Day Weekend


Driverseat announces a chance to win $100 for those using the mobile app this weekend to help reduce impaired driving by making the booking process easier, more accessible and convenient.

Customers using the app will receive an opportunity to win $100 worth of Designated Driving
vouchers to be used through their app platform.

“We’re committed to ensuring customers have a safe alternative to getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.” states Stephen Findlay, franchise owner, Driverseat. “Our business has grown considerably since our launch several years ago and have thousands of customers using the service. However, even one impaired driver on our roads is one too many; so we need to ensure that all of our clients can book a driver quickly.”

Driverseat customers simply use the Driverseat mobile app to book a Coachman (driver) to drive themselves and their cars home. The app will provide an estimated price, route map and bill the credit card automatically. Customers in over 100 communities serviced by Driverseat find using the app convenient, affordable and ensures designated drivers are accessible. Designated Drivers are available starting at $25.

“The residents of Sault Ste Marie have really embraced the Designated Driving service” adds Brian Bazely, co-founder and CEO Driverseat Inc, “Steve and his team have done an outstanding job with growing the brand.”

Customers in SSM can enter the draw by downloading the mobile app for iPhone and Android. Every ride booked through the app this weekend (Thursday through Monday) will be entered into a draw for $100 worth of Designated Driving Vouchers.

“It is a great app to use and exciting updates are set to roll out in the coming weeks. It takes just seconds to process the order instead of minutes talking on a phone, ensuring that ride requests are handled in a timely fashion,” remarks Steve. “We will be giving priority service to those who use the app as their booking can be immediately dispatched.“

Driverseat SSM specializes in Designated Driving, Airport Chauffeur, Assisted Transport and Vehicle Chauffeur. With the growth, Driverseat is looking to add Coachmen (drivers) to the team. If you are interested in working part time with flexible hours, you can talk with Steve, franchise owner Driverseat.

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