Guilty Verdicts in Tim Bosma Murder Trial.


Dellen Millard & Mark Smich have both been found guilty of First Degree Murder in the death of Tim Bosma on May 6, 2013.

The Crown has proven the case, under the direction of Ontario Crown Attorney Craig Fraser. The two men killed Tim Bosma in an effort to steal a truck. After deliberating since Monday, an Ontario Superior Court jury in Hamilton, Ontario returned with a verdict at 3 p.m. ET Friday. The jury has found that  both men planned and deliberately set out to kill Tim Bosma, a young father and husband.

Tim Bosma, 31 years old, had posted his truck for sale on a website, and he  disappeared after taking the two men for a test drive. He would never came home again.

Bosma’s body was burned and put through an incinerator in an effort to cover up the murder. There were few bone fragments found, but those that were found, made the identification possible. They belonged to Tim Bosma. Bosma’s remains were found on Dellen Millard’s property

“While we may never know what the moments were like for Tim Bosma immediately before his death, we can safely say that it would have been horrendous.” said a Hamilton Spectator reporter outside the courthouse this afternoon.  Sentencing will happen at 4:15 pm. Friday, June 17th,2016.

‘Tweets’ coming from inside the courtroom after the reading of the verdict shared  “there was not a dry eye in the courtroom”, and that “cheering erupted upon hearing the Guilty Verdict”.

Both men have been in custody since their original arrest. They will not see freedom for at least 23 years.  Taken together with the time they have currently been serving, both men are facing a minimum 25 year sentence.

Millard is also facing another first-degree charge in the shooting death of his 71-year-old father. Wayne Millard’s November 2012 death had previously been ruled a suicide.

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  1. I hope they rot in hell! Proberbly be out in 5-7 with good behavior, then I hope someone makes them ” burn in hell alive” put them in the same oven they bought to burn some innocent person as a thrill. RIP Tim, and to his family, I”m sorry that their are such people that can cause such grief & loss to a family,

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