“Haunted Great Lakes Walking Tour” launches this weekend!


Sault Ste Marie and the great Lake Superior have a long and well known record of ghost stories, legends, and dark history.  Bring your family and friends on a chilling walk at dusk when Bellevue Park changes from serene to eerie. You will be escorted by our enthusiastic and creepy guide, Sheila Grace, dressed in a cloak and carrying a lantern. This experience is sure to get your spine tingling and your hair standing on end.

Tickets are available at Tammy Deans Gift Shop at 123 Elgin Street or charge by phone at 705-575-3351. Tickets must be purchased in advance to reserve your space as no payments are accepted on site.

All children under the age of sixteen (16) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and be under close watch during the tour and session for ensure their safety.

Although we consider our walks to be family friendly, some children may find the content difficult to understand and possibly frightening. We leave the discretion to the accompanying parent/guardian to decide what is appropriate.

For more information and ticket pricing please visit www.hauntedsaultstemarie.com




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