Hot Summer for the Sault in the cards

this map shows much above temperatures can be expected from the end of June through to mid-August

If you’re longing for those long hot Summer days, you just might be in luck this year.

Sault Ste. Marie and much of Ontario will see much above normal temperatures this Summer and below normal rainfall according to national weather services.

The long range forecast that includes June through to the end of August indicates Sault Ste. Marie could see temperatures in the upper 20’s to the low 30’s for the majority of the Summer, mainly the end of June through to mid-August.  Normal temperatures for the Sault during this period fall within the range of 24c to 26c.

Warmer than normal Lake temperatures can also boost daytime temperatures on land and that’s the case this Summer.  The milder winter produced much less ice cover than the past two years, meaning the lakes didn’t take long to warm, and then build on the warmth over the Summer.

Ontario is expected to be dominated by High Pressure leaving us with sunny and hot conditions and little rainfall, however these conditions can also produce more extreme weather as in Thunderstorms, so expect to see some potentially severe thunderstorms more frequent than in the past few Summers. In other words, when it rains it will pour.

The lack of rain days however could also lead to dangerous fire levels throughout the Province.  Warmer than normal lake temperatures could also spell some trouble for the Fall season as the jet stream begins its normal retreat further south allowing the cooler air to flow over the Great Lakes, and that could produce some active weather later in the Fall season, but hey, that’s months away from now.


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