Local Martial Arts group wins big time!

1st Row- Left to Right: Assistant Instructor Jay Riggins, Grandmaster Rudy Timmerman, School Owner/Head Instructor Bobby Clement 2nd Row- Left to Right Scott Mason, Wendy Crysler, Christine Clement, Angela Sleeman, Naithen Joseph 3rd Row- Left to Right Nolan Mason, Syrine Mason, Ryan Chisolm, Julia Kelly, Parker Willet 4th Row- Left to Right Arja Crysler, Korben Seaton

A team from the newly-established Ancient Fighting Arts martial arts school attended the Icebreaker Challenge martial arts tournament in Sault, Michigan recently and came back with robe full of awards.

They actually came away with 32 medals and two grand championships.

The team, mostly comprised of white belts, is instructed by Bobby Clement, under the guidance of Grandmaster Rudy Timmerman.

Most of the students have only been training for three to six months and still were able to accomplish so much. In fact this was their first competition.

The discipline and leadership is reminiscent of the original Ancient Fight Arts that was on Gore Street, 40-some years ago.

Stay tuned for another article on the history and recent reincarnation of the Ancient Fight Arts martial arts school.


  1. Those katana are incorrectly displayed. When using tachi kake (verical shogun stands) the tsuka are on the bottom and the kissaki are upward – they have them on the stands backwards. Clearly swords are not their area of expertise.

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