Muslims being targeted in London and Quebec


Events of unrest are happening across Canada, especially in the last while, against Muslims and mosques.

The London Police have arrested a suspect after an alleged attack in a grocery store last Monday.

A Muslim woman shopping with her four-month-old son was attacked.

The woman was at the Superking Supermarket when another woman approached her and began yelling at her for no apparent reason, London police said.

The woman, unknown to the shopper, allegedly spat on the victim, punched her several times and then pulled at the victim’s hijab and hair, police said.

This is the forth report of unrest in the visible minority community of London in the past eight months.

In the middle of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, a regular at a Quebec City mosque finished a prayer in the early hours of Sunday, a week ago, only to find a pig’s head at the doorstep as he was leaving.

The package, found in front of one of the doors of the Islamic cultural centre of Quebec City around 2:30 a.m., was accompanied by a note: “Bon appétit.”

A well-known restriction in the Islamic faith, the consumption of pork is prohibited in the Qur’an.

Four mosques in the province — one in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu and three near Quebec City — have been the target of vandalism.

In St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, a rock was thrown through one of the windows of the Centre Culturel Al-Imane.

Near the Quebec City area, three mosques were targeted with xenophobic messages a while back.

A mosque in the Limoilou neighbourhood, the Islamic cultural centre of Quebec City in Ste-Foy and the capital city mosque in Quebec City proper had posters on their front doors that read “Islam hors de chez moi” — Islam out of my country.

A group named Québec Identitaire seemingly has taken credit for the posters. The group’s name was written on the signs.


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