Not the Brightest Idea




These photographs surfaced on FaceBook, showing some people climbing the historical drill rig at Lion’s Beach in Wawa. The photographer stated that twice recently he has seen kids playing on the drill rig.

The drill rig is part of a display that celebrates Wawa’s historical mining past. The Joy was salvaged from one of the open pits at the end of Wawa Lake/Loonskin Lake area. After it’s restoration, it was placed at the end of Lion’s Beach as part of the scenic lookout over Wawa Lake.

wawa-joy-3It’s not the first time that people have been seen climbing on the Drill Rig. The Municipality has placed plexiglass to discourage climbers, and later the steps were removed.

Unfortunately, a quick look tonight at the drill rig shows that vandals have completely destroyed the north plexiglass panel and shattered most of the west panel in order to climb past it.

wawa-joy-1It is a good thing that none of these people were injured, but the example that they have shown is poor, and it would be devastating if someone should fall. The drill rig was placed to display the town’s history, not to act as the monument to someone’s serious injury or death.


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