Open Mike Hour – Listen Live!


The interactive Open Mike hour with The Sault Ste. Marie Ratepayers Association and guests is live on Wednesday evening from Northern Jewelers on Northern Ave  due to the library closure this evening ..

Join the Ratepayers in discussion about municipal issues that directly affect our community and beyond. Saultonline will be participating regularly as well, highlighting stories from our community.

The program is streamed live via


The June 29th line-up of topics include:

A discussion on the  Role of Council, (Councillor and Staff)

The Ontario Municipal Act (sections 223.1 to 223.24) provides that municipalities may pass bylaws to establish:

·         a code of conduct for Council and local board members

·         an Integrity Commissioner

·         a municipal Ombudsman

·         an Auditor General

·         a lobbyist registry and registrar

To research those sections of The Municipal Act, (Ministry of Municipal Affairs), visit:

This week’s guest include Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce President, Monica Dale, Jason Naccarato, 2nd Vice President and Rory Ring Executive Director

Three items for discussion are: Development charges, Industrial and Commercial Tax rates and the Long Term Tax Policy view.



  1. There is some issue with the server that this is hosted on, my guess would be that it’s overloaded.
    I have 60 meg service and had problems, I talked to three other people that also had issues with sound cutting in and out and they also lost it for a while.
    I can stream HD video and download at the same time without a problem, so I would say it’s not on my end.

  2. We have two back up recording devices and have tested the connections
    Had to move locations at the last second …if nothing we are adaptable

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