Potential Canada Post Strike could impact bill delivery


Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers are presently negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement, and a strike or lockout could occur as early as July 2nd. In the event of a Canada Post service disruption, delivery of PUC bills, as well as payments sent to PUC, may be impacted.

PUC would like to remind customers that, in the event of a labour disruption, it is still their responsibility to stay informed of their account balance, and make bill payments on time. To help customers avoid the inconvenience of a postal service interruption, PUC offers some helpful billing and payment options. For example:

Customer Connect – Customers can use PUC’s convenient online tool, Customer Connect, to not only view their bills, but also to monitor their energy consumption 24/7.
Receive Bill Notifications by Email – Customers can sign up for e-billing and receive bill notifications by email.

Account Payment Options – PUC offers some convenient account payment options, including pre-authorized payments and equalized payments.

Payment drop-off boxes (cheques only) can be accessed at two locations:

500 Second Line East (PUC building)
451 Queen Street East (Main Post Office)

If you typically mail your payment to PUC Distribution and there is a postal service disruption, your payment may be delayed in reaching us, which could result in late payment charges and possible collection activities on your account. PUC encourages customers to utilize the payment alternatives offered as opposed to using traditional mail in the event of a postal service disruption.

More information on billing and payment options can be found on our website, or by calling Customer Care at 705-759-6522.


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