Sault College gets Turned Down but not Totally


At City Council tonight the motion to give Sault College the Million dollars they were asking for failed. They did however get something.

“Every single one of us wants to support Sault College… I do not see at all how we could entertain a $1-M investment at this time…” said Councillor Myers, who put forward a new motion with her old friend councillor Hollingsworth to give the college $400,000.

Councillor Ross Romano wanted to make an amendment to the motion to not deplete the EDF fund. His amendment allowed for $450,000. He had no seconder on his amendment.

“I won’t support this resolution… it’s not the right time,” said councillor Bruni. He didn’t want to deplete the EDF fund.

“This council has been too generous in the past… timing is lousy,” said councillor Fata (pictured).

A recorded vote was requested.

Councillors Fata and Bruni voted against.

It is known that Algoma University will be coming to council with their own financial troubles.

Admissions across Ontario are down.


  1. City council should not have given anything to Sault college.Our taxes are too high,our main employers are down.Councillors are suppose to be guardians of the public purse not depleting it on outside agencies.

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