Sault College puts City Council in tough spot


Ron Common, president of Sault College came to council tonight with a number in his head. Not 2 or 3 different figures. One. You just have to throw a million behind it.

One million dollars.

Ya see… they need a new addition to the campus, in regards to their expansion of programming.

They already got the support from the city in regards to going after provincial and federal funding.

The million was needed for furniture and fixtures for the new addition.

Council tried to throw figures around through commitments made or not made through the EDF fund but it just didn’t add up.

Using up all our resources of money as a city in total there is $900,000 over the next three years. Sault College wants a million. This leaves the city with nothing for extra projects and a tax hike next year.

Is it worth it?

Councillors Steve Butland and Ross Romano do.

Romano pointed out that 100 foreign students coming to the city generate $30,000 in revenue per person. That’s $3-Million in revenue. He also mentioned the increase in taxes with the new addition, 166 construction jobs and and a handful of permanent jobs.

The mayor forced the discussion to move into a motion for request for information.

“I don’t see how this council makes a decision to allocate resources without knowing the consequences of those allocations,” said mayor Christian Provenzano.


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