School’s Out! Summer is Here! So Remember these tips


The end of the school year is here. The Sault Ste. Marie Police are reminding drivers and parents about the importance of keeping kids safe during the last day of school and throughout the summer months.

Kids will be excited and may not be thinking about their personal safety so drivers need to be extra cautious in looking for child pedestrians during the summer. Parents can help by reminding their children about staying safe on the roads.

Tips for Drivers:
– During these first few days of the summer break, be aware that kids may be on or near the roadways at times of day that you are not accustomed to seeing them there.

– The last day of school is an exciting time for children and they may become preoccupied with fun and forget the rules of the road. Use extra caution when driving through school zones.

– Watch for clues, a hockey net or ball can mean kids are playing nearby. Pay attention and always anticipate the unexpected around playgrounds and parks. Small children are less predictable and harder to see than adults.

– Always watch for children as you’re backing up. Walk around your vehicle to make sure no small kids are behind it.

Tips for Parents:
– Focus on the basics. Teach your children to make eye contact with the driver before they cross, even if the walk signal is on.

– Remind them to walk, don’t run across the road and to stop, look and listen before crossing the street.

– Don’t jaywalk. Teach your children to cross at intersections that have a marked crosswalk or a pedestrian crossing light.

– When walking with your child avoid unnecessary shortcuts like walking through a parking lot. Drivers may not see children between parked cars and the children may not see the cars moving.

Have a safe and happy summer from everyone at the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service.