Shaw increasing all phone, tv and internet packages


If you use Shaw for your internet, tv service or phone, you’ll be paying much more come August.

The company says it is increasing all packages for all their customers due to rising costs of providing those services.

The company is mum on just how much more you’ll be paying.

According to CBC news, customers will be dinged an extra $2 to $5 dollars on your tv service, at least another another $2 if you have internet and your phone could go up by $1 a month.

In a statement on Shaw communications website, the company reports, Starting August 1, 2016, rates will increase on select residential Internet, TV and Phone plans. Customers will receive advanced notification of the rate change through their monthly invoice.

Canadians are using the Internet more and viewing more TV shows and movies on more devices than ever before. As a leading communications provider, we are committed to giving our customers more access to the leading content and technology they want—now and into the future.

This year cable tv providers such as Shaw, Rogers and Bell were forced to introduce a “skinny basic” tv package for $25 or less a month, the CRTC is looking at complaints from customers stating the skinny basic is a rip off and if more channels are wanted, customers can expect to pay much higher for the channels they do want. A pick and pay system is to be introduced by December of this year.

Shaw services Sault Ste. Marie and parts of the district, it is the most eastern branch of Shaw communications based in Calgary.




  1. There is alternatives out there that provide the same services for cheaper. One local example is Vianet who offers both phone and internet at a fraction of the price.

  2. I can run my TV thru my computer and watch all the shows I like that way… Tired of paying thru the nose for lousy service……And my internet is cheap… Not Shaw, for sure….

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