Skatepark was poorly planned out and in need of repair


After all is said and done and International Go Skateboarding Day is over, lets look at the hard truth of our local skatepark.

Although there were years, even decades of support and effort put into creating one, ours is poorly designed and now, in need of repair.

The L-shape of the park does not allow skaters to flow around the park as in more traditional skateparks that are in a square, oval or rectangular fashion. The one locally, allows you to do a ‘run’ or ‘line’ as we skaters call it and you are done. There is no flow or chance for continuous movement around the park.

Besides that, because of the way it is sectioned into a more-beginner section on one half of the L and a more intermediate-half on the other side of the L, skaters that do try to move from one half to the other are constantly running into one another. This has made for some very nasty spills over the years, especially when you have scooters, skateboarders and BMXers all riding together.

As pictured below, there is another major flaw in the park. The so-called quarter pipe at the west end of the park is not a quarter-pipe at all. It has a hump in it that causes skaters to not only loose their balance, but I have even seen nasty falls, and broken boards because of it.


Any riders tend to stay away from this section completely, which is absolutely ridiculously wasteful.

Since the park’s build a few years ago, there has been little to no maintenance whatsoever. This leaves skaters to avoid certain areas because of cracks and broken cement.





You are probably saying, why should I care? I don’t skateboard! Well skaters are getting hurt because of these problems and it won’t be long before a parent comes screaming at the city that their child got hurt on this park.

This could mean possible lawsuits against the city if you get a parent that is upset enough. And this is even if they were wearing a helmet. There are lots of ways to break bones on cement that is poorly poured and unmaintained.


  1. Just like every rinky dink thing City council does gets it screwed up.This is a safety hazard close it down. Tear it up and replace it with a skateboard Park that is build right

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