Stop increasing electricity bills by rewarding conservation over nuclear!


Queen’s Park – During Question Period today, Ontario NDP Energy Critic, Peter Tabuns, said the Wynne government should stop driving up electricity bills for Ontario families by supporting conservation programs instead of costly nuclear plants.

Ontario Energy Capability

“When Ontario already has a massive energy surplus, adding billions to our electricity bills, why didn’t the Minister hold back on costly nuclear projects, so Ontarians can finally be rewarded for their conservation efforts?” Tabuns said.

Ontario Energy Demand

Earlier this week, the Environmental Commissioner said that conservation was Ontario’s cheapest energy option.  But OPG is proceeding with an expensive nuclear refurbishment plan that will add over $5 per month to electricity bills in the province.  “That is if these nuclear projects do not go over budget. But of course, nuclear projects always go over budget,” Tabuns said.

“Conservation has worked in Ontario. We use less electricity to do more.  But under this Liberal government, when we use less, our electricity rates actually go up. This is because this government keeps signing new contracts for more electricity we don’t need. Ontarians have to pay for this electricity whether we use it or not.”

Ontario now has an electricity surplus greater than the total output of Pickering.

“Instead of driving up our electricity bills even further, why won’t the Minister allow our conservation programs to do what they are supposed to do: reduce energy use and lower our bills?” Tabuns said.