The 155 Air & 2310 Army Combined Pipes & Drums Band – 2016 Provincial Champions

photo by Kathy Fisher

Hail the conquering pipers, drummers and dancers of the 155 Borden Gray G.C. Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron and 2310 Royal Canadian Army Cadets, who’s combined talents and hard work took first place at the annual Central Regional Band & Drill Competitions held at CFB Borden on May 28, 2016.

20160601_204326After winning top spot at the Northern Ontario Area Cadet Band and Drill Competitions at CFB North Bay in mid May, the combined 155 Air and 2310 Army Cadet Band advanced to the provincial competitions. The 46 Royal Sovereign Band placed 2nd in the Military Band category in North Bay.

Flight Sergeant Benn Fisher, Pipe Major, 155 and 2310 Combined Pipe Band; Flight Sergeant Quinn Clement, Drum Sergeant 155 Pipe Band; Sergeant Justin Brideau, Drum Major, 155 Pipe Band; Flight Sergeant, Devin Moore, Bass Drummer spoke with saultonline on Wed. June 1, 2016 about The Provincials.

“We travelled from the Sault Armouries to CFB Borden, which is about 8 hours.”  shared Quinn Clement. “To qualify we had to place at the northern Ontario level, where we placed 1st.”

20160601_204452Drum Major, Sergeant Justin Brideau (155 Air Cadets) earned Top Drum Major at the competition. Wow! “That was pretty special for me.” shared Brideau.

21 musicians and dancers were part of the Northern Ontario contingent. Highland Dancers from The McLeod Highland Dance studio (Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario) also participated in the Provincials, accompanying the routines of the 155 Air and 2310 Army combined band.

“We stayed at the Cadet Training Centre at CFB Borden, Blackdown, Dyte Hall.  Military bands, brass bands and drill teams from across the province were all there.” shared Fisher.

photo by Kathy Fisher

Canadian Forces Base Borden (CFB Borden) is located approximately 100 kilometres north of Toronto, in the heart of Simcoe County, one of the major tourist areas in Ontario. CFB Borden is ideally located to service personnel from all across Canada. The base is a major economic entity in Simcoe County and enjoys excellent relations with the surrounding local communities.

“We took the Pipe Band title for the entire province” he said.

“The last time we won, was 2011, so it was nice to bring it back home.” said Devin Moore. Winning the provincial title this year was particularly sweet for Flight Sergeant Moore, who retired from Air Cadets on Wed. June 1st.

Moore’s drum is considered the ‘heart-beat’ of the band.

20160601_201741“It’s the best of the best down there.” said Fisher, reflecting on the Provincial Competition at CFB Borden.

“When you get to meet with the top Pipe Bands and learn from them, it is a very good experience.” said Clement.

“Over 350 Cadets took part in Provincial Competitions.” said Fisher.

Fundraising is ongoing for the Cadet programme.

“We need to fund our own band; The kilts, the sporrans, the glens; the spats and instruments are all funded through the band.” said Quinn Clement.

The music and leadership opportunities with cadets are immeasurable.

“There are specified learning areas that take place over the summer; Extended summer training where you can actually get paid to go to a camp.” said Moore.

“You can spend up to six weeks at a CFB training facility across the country learning music or aviation.” shared Fisher.

Air Cadets meet throughout the year (except summers) on Wednesday evenings at the Armouries.

June 1, 2016 was also the evening that five of the 155 air cadets were retiring. With perfect attendance, service medals, marksmanship awards, and numerous other awards, five young people were piped off the floor of the Sault Armouries by Pipe Major, Benn Fisher.

Captain Steve Mullins said “The retirement parade is a way of recognizing and commemorating the career of the cadet.” It was an emotional walk-off for the cadets and families in attendance.

Lize Mullins, mother to Julie was wiping away tears as her daughter, now retired from Air Cadets, will be heading to university this fall.

Devin is leaving for Lakehead University in the fall, where joining a Pipes & Drums band is already part of his plans. Thunder Bay, Ontario has a rich history where the Pipes & Drums are concerned, and a robust community of pipers, drummers, and highland flingers. Devin Moore will be in fine company. Congratulations to all of the ‘retired in 2016 cadets’, from saultonline. Your futures are bright.

The five Cadets who retired are:

Flight Sergeant, Devin Moore

Warrant Officer, 1st Class Christiane Boudreau

Warrant Officer, 2nd Class Andre Breckenridge.

Warrant Officer, 2nd Class Julie Mullins

Warrant Officer, 2nd Class Gabrielle Boudreau

“Come join us in the fall.” said Benn Fisher. “It’s a great place to learn and grow as a citizen. We’ll be very happy to have you here.”

There are currently 45 cadets enrolled in the 155 Borden Gray G.C. Air Cadet Squadron.

2017 will mark the 75th Anniversary of the 155 Borden Gray GC Air Cadet Squadron. Young hearts and minds, ages 12 – 18 years are welcome.

Captain Roy Harten, spoke with saultonline, sharing that the collection of the 155 air cadet squadrons’ photographs, archived over the years, have been digitized and will be part of the 2017 celebrations. How cool is that!

Commanding Officer (155 Borden Grey C.C. Air Cadet Squadron), Capt. Jim Browne presented achievement awards to cadets who had taken part in various training and competency exercises throughout the year.

“If you’re taking the summer off from training, have a safe and enjoyable summer.” he said. “We’ll see you in the fall when we hit the ground running again.”

He thanked all the parents who continue to support the cadet programme.

2017 will mark the 75th Anniversary of the 155 Borden Gray GC Air Cadet Squadron. Young hearts and minds, ages 12 – 18 years are welcome. It will be an exciting year to be involved in the air cadet programme.

The Sault Armouries is currently undergoing  a major infrastructure and overall renovation. Portions of the Armouries are closed.

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