The “Reverse Garage Sale” – A Call-to-Action against Homelessness



Homelessness is a global problem, and it’s happening right now throughout the Sault community. Too many people cannot afford housing and are left to rely on local shelters for support. A recent Canada wide survey indicated that approximately 72 homeless people lived in the Sault during February of this year, 93% of which were residing in a local shelter.

Pauline’s Place is one of the primary shelters, with 19 beds, offering a short-term emergency service for male and female youth – and their families – who are experiencing a housing crisis. Unfortunately, the number of people experiencing homelessness seems to be rising, which is putting increased stress on local shelters that have been designed to empower their residents with the skills of being able to live independently within a home of their own.

Sault Rotaract – a partner of the Rotary Club of Sault Ste. Marie comprised of a group of young professionals who are committed to community service – is holding a “Reverse Garage Sale”. This event was created with the purpose of encouraging donations of small household items (e.g., lamps, utensils, plates, etc.) that will be given to the residents of Pauline’s Place and other local shelters as they prepare for independent living. The primary goal of the Reverse Garage Sale is to provide families and individuals, who are currently experiencing homelessness, with the resources that they may need in order to successfully live within a home of their own.

The Reverse Garage Sale will be held at Spadoni Used Cars & Trucks [308 Great Northern Road, S.S.M, ON] on June 25th between 10:00am and 2:00pm. This is a ‘call-to-action’ for members of the Sault community to relieve themselves of any small household items that they may not need while, at the same time, helping those who are in-need. Any form of monetary donation will also be much appreciated.

Please visit the Sault Rotaract Facebook page for more information about the Reverse Garage Sale. Also note that David’s Tea and other local venders will be available to provide food and beverage services at the event. Lastly, feel free to address any specific questions or comments that you may have to [email protected]


  1. This is a great idea….with PUC going up there will be a lot more homeless people here in Sault Ste Marie….so sad. I will be dropping stuff off. Can we drop stuff off anytime.

  2. I have gone to drop off donations to Women in Crisis, and many times there is a sign saying ‘No more donations please’ because they have too much being dropped off. And they do, you can see the donation bins at the entrance overflowing, and there are a lot of household items being donated.
    Perhaps they should put a sign when they are overflowing, to direct the donations to the reverse garage sale or another designated place close by…like Pauline’s Place.
    Just a thought.

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