Tractor trailer rollover

1 photographer Marcus Grundt captured these images around 8:30 p.m. Saturday, June 11. A tractor trailer (Arnold Brothers) is laying on it’s side just across from the Superior East OPP Detachment on Pinewood Drive, less than a kilometer from the Hwy 101/17 Junction. There was no apparent reason for this incident, there was no fog, and the tracks show that the transport just drove off the road and fell on it’s side.

The windshield is laying on the ground, possibly from the driver kicking it out to leave the cab. When Photographer Marcus Grundt was there, there was all sorts of caution tape all over the vehicle. A supervisor for Hatch Construction said that there was no information from OPP as to any injuries or cause – no information at all.

If the trailer is loaded – there will be traffic delays whenever they remove the load before righting it.


  1. Likely driver fatigue, a lot of these drivers push the envelope every day.
    They likely dozed off at the wheel, which is a careless driving ticket not to mention the huge damage caused.
    This is a really bad thing for someone driving a commercial vehicle, they could have killed themselves and/or others.

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