Troy takes on Mother Nature and wins!


For the first time in five years, Troy and Annette Chandler were forced to make last minute plans for their annual “Troy’s Trail” – a walk to bring highlight and raise money supporting awareness of the Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario.  The weather seemed threatening with showers and clouds moving in for the weekend.

_DSC5319The couple made plans to hold the registration and walk indoors at  the near by Public Library on East Street instead of the beautiful boardwalk stroll at Clergue Park  if Mother Nature decided to rain on their event.

But the Chandlers’ have faced bigger battles than a little rain.

Troy suffers from hydrocephalus. The term hydrocephalus is derived from the Greek words “hydro” meaning water and “cephalus” meaning head. As the name implies, it is a condition in which the primary characteristic is excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain.

TROYS TRIAL The couple have spearheaded awareness of both Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus in Sault Ste. Marie and beyond.

Chandler told the crowd gathered Saturday afternoon, that the Ontario headquarters of the association in Toronto is well aware of the success of Troy’s Trial. “They talk about us in Toronto , they notice how much attention we get in the media” Chandler said.

_DSC5347The event has grown by leaps and bounds by attendance alone including attracting good friend and former employee of Chandler’s, Mayor Christian Provenazano who spoke about Troy and his cause. The Mayor made the walk along with his wife and new born baby girl.

As the 1pm start time approached, cloudy conditions gave way to overcast and no big threat of rain and another successful Troy’s Trail can be written into the history books.

More of this year’s walk in the gallery!