Unsung Heroes/Heroines


Editors Note: The team here at SaultOnline is proud to publish the following contribution by Ian McKay. Ian will be providing viewers with a new submission every other week as a regular column right here on SaultOnline, as well as the Connection magazine. Thank you so much for sharing Ian!

In every community and organization there are numerous people who quietly go about unnoticed performing deeds to enhance the lives of other people living in the community.

Among this group are many volunteers who freely provide services and goods for churches, retirement homes, hospices, and other such venues. I like to think of them as the faceless trench workers who make sure that the foundations are properly prepared without any fanfare or recognition except from a few supporters or recipients.

This column is an effort to identify Sault Ste Marie citizens who deserve more recognition for their dedicated voluntary efforts. My first person selected is Mrs. Elva Walker.

Elva is a retired Bell employee, mother of 3 children, 7 grandchildren, 11 great grandchildren, living in the Finnish Rest Home.

Throughout her life she has been making and donating superb crafts and also volunteering her time for churches and hospitals. She is exceptionally creative and delights that her efforts have such beneficial results in the community. She has mentioned several times the joy she experiences from children attending summer camp who otherwise would be unable to do so without her generosity.

Following are some of the highlights of her efforts:

Together with another Bell retiree Janet Mason she receives from Bell annually $2500.00 as a result of their 100 hours of sewing and making crafts which are donated to places like the Davey Home, Churches, and the Finnish Rest Home. The $2500.00 that she receives from Bell is given to Camp McDougall.

She prepares gift baskets as shown in the photograph, which she donates for draws at special events like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day Teas, and Church sales. The Davey Home has received between $500 and $800 dollars on several occasions from gift baskets that she has donated.

She has donated crafts for John Wesley United Church, Light House in Bruce Mines, The Finnish Rest Home, and numerous individuals who appreciate her crafts.

Together with her sister Earla Jones they spent numbers hours in the Plummer Hospital entrance assisting patients and selling raffle tickets for the hospital draws.

There are other such people like Elva that i know and will be writing about in future editions of the SaultOnline Connection. Meanwhile if there are individuals that you would like to see highlighted in our Unsung Heroes/Heroines column please do not hesitate to contact myself Ian McKay at [email protected] or a member of the SaultOnline Content Team at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to discuss future stories.