When things are just Meant To Be


If Jeff McNeice isn’t behind a radio mic at 104.3 Country, you might see him hosting any number of events, or at live radio remotes around town. You might even catch him as “Alan” on a locally produced TV soap opera Tami.

More than likely though you’ll find him playing music somewhere.

One of those places is the Mike Case Memorial Stage located at the Trading Post and the Big Moose Ice Cream Parlour. Case, a close personal best friend of McNeice and a well known musician died from cancer in 2015.  The first ever Mike Case Music Festival was held this past weekend in Laird.

Both of Jeff’s parents loved music and were in bands growing up in Southern Ontario. At age 13 Jeff was following in his parent’s steps.

It’s only fitting then after decades of playing music, living music and broadcasting music, Jeff McNeice would want to produce  a CD with his own music.

McNeice, best known as the voice of Country Music on Sault Ste. Marie radio  for the past 38 years recently launched “Meant To Be” a collection of songs in collaboration with his musical parents, Joan and Murray.

The title song, Meant To Be is based on Joan and Murray’s relationship. “They met in a record store when they were 15 years old, it was one of those meant to be moments” McNeice joked.  As with many of the songs on the CD, Joan originally wrote the words as a poem but later lyrics with music written by her son.  The songs selected have been kicking around over the years and Jeff decided last year to produce a CD as a tribute to his folks.

Jeff with his parents Joand and Murray McNeice at the Esquire Club CD Launch Party
Jeff with his parents Joan and Murray McNeice at the Esquire Club CD Launch Party

This is the second time around for the title song however, McNeice recorded it originally on vinyl 20 years ago. “I had a real bad cold and whenever i hear it i say, oh there I am with a bad cold, so I really wanted to re-cut that”

“It was really easy to put music to the words my Mom wrote”

Jeff signs copies of the CD for fans
Jeff signs copies of the CD for fans

“Inspiration comes from the folks , being born and raised in music for over 40 years and it’s a dream come true after mom and dad penned some songs” Growing up in a family of musicians, leaning to play instruments became second nature for McNeice.

The six track CD was locally produced by Dustin Jones of Tidal Records.

The Esquire Club hosted the the launch party for the Meant To Be CD on June 24th with a portion of the  proceeds from CD sales going to the Sault Area Hospital Cancer Unit.  To get your hands on your own , you can pick them up at the Rad Zone in Wellington Square, Chippewa Trading Post Big Moose Ice Cream Parlour and Thomas Walls School of Music. You can also check out the Meant To Be Facebook page.




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