A little sizzle for your summer


The hottest weather this year is upon us, well next week to be exact. That’s when we could see a mini-heatwave develop with temperatures hovering around 30c for at least three days.

Starting Tuesday, Sault Ste. Marie and area will see the temperatures and humidity climb to the high 20’s or low 30’s , with the humidity it will feel closer to the mid 30’s. Of course with the hot humid weather comes the chance of showers and thunderstorms too, especially in the afternoons.

Unsettled conditions will continue until Monday, with temperatures in the mid to low 20’s and chances of showers and thunderstorms everyday until Tuesday.  A risk of rain (we’re well below normal rainfall for this season) builds into the forecast for Wednesday and lasting thru to Friday. The good news is, a cooler and more stable air mass will develop just in time for  Rotaryfest that kicks off Thursday. The forecast for the big day of the parade calls for sunshine and temperatures around 24c.