Campaign Aims to Decrease Road Injuries by Reminding Drivers and Cyclists to Share the Road


Encouraged by great weather and drawn by a desire to be active, more and more cyclists are riding city streets. As cyclists and motorists find themselves increasingly sharing roadways, the Sault Trails Advisory Committee which launched Soo Moves along with Algoma Public Health Safety has launched an awareness campaign to increase awareness and knowledge of drivers and cyclists about safely sharing the road. The Share the Road campaign encourages drivers and cyclists to be courteous and respectful of one another, while providing safety margins for vehicles that pass bikes.

“Cyclists can be injured, or worse, when they are either struck by a vehicle that attempts to
pass them, or when a vehicle passes too closely, causing a rider to lose control. That’s why
we’re emphasizing leaving at least one metre between a vehicle and a bicycle on any
roadway,” says Alison Dutkiewicz, from Algoma Public Health. “When you’re behind the
wheel and you pass a cyclist, consider whether there’s enough room for an average-sized
doorway or a dining room table between your vehicle and the bike. If there isn’t, then there
isn’t enough room.”

Bicycles are considered vehicles under the Highway Traffic Act, requiring riders to follow the
same rules as those who drive any other type of vehicle on public roadways. While not part
of that legislation, the Share the Road campaign calls for a safety margin for vehicles that
pass slower-moving bicycles. Through an awareness effort that includes radio advertising and
signage, the Sault Trail Advisory Committee hopes it will become routine for drivers use the
Safe Passing Rule and leave at least one metre when passing a cyclist.

Soo Moves is holding it’s second community ride on Sunday, July 17th departing from Holy
Cross School. Visit Soo Moves on Facebook for more details.

The Sault Trails Advisory Committee is made up of representatives from the City of Sault Ste. Marie Planning and Engineering staff, Algoma Public Health, Sault Ste. Marie Region
Conservation Authority, Sault Cycling Club, ADSB, Water Tower Inn, Sault Finnish Nordic Ski
Club and the Sault Naturalists. STAC’s vision is to play a lead role in creating a habitable
community that fosters human powered activities for transportation and recreation that
respects the environment and promotes a healthy life style for citizens and visitors.


  1. Maybe they should also do the same for the drivers of cars Ron. As a matter of fact I see you dropping things at peoples home while parked in the bike lanes on queen (no parking) and parking facing traffic all the time. Maybe you should practice what you preach.

  2. The police should start enforcing the rules of the road to cyclists who: 1)ride on wrong side of the road,
    2)in the middle of the road,
    3)ride on the sidewalk.
    A few tickets to the cyclists would put the message across obey the rules of the road. Most cyclists ride by the rules well others ignore them.

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