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If you are a cartography buff, there is a website loaded with free resources ( and public domain information from the world of geography courtesy of ‘Canadian GIS and Geomatics’.

Canada, is internationally recognized as the birth place of the modern Geographic Information Systems (GIS) thanks to Roger Tomlinson, a visionary geographer, who initiated, planned and directed the development of the Canada Geographic Information System and has been acknowledged world wide as the “Father of GIS”.

Roger F. Tomlinson, OC (17 November 1933 – 9 February 2014) was an English geographer and the primary originator of modern computerised geographic information systems (GIS).  Dr. Tomlinson was a native of Cambridge (England) and prior to attending university, he served in the Royal Air Force from 1951–1954 as a pilot and flying officer.

After his military service, Dr. Tomlinson attended the University of Nottingham (United Kingdom) and Acadia University (Nova Scotia) for two separate undergraduate degrees in geography and geology, respectively. He received a Masters degree in geography from McGill University (Montreal, Quebec) where he specialised in the glacial geomorphology of Labrador. His Doctoral thesis at University College London was titled: ‘The application of electronic computing methods and techniques to the storage, compilation, and assessment of mapped data.’


Dr. Tomlinson received the Order of Canada, in 2001. The Tomlinson Doctoral Fellowship was established at McGill University in 2000 through a generous gift from Dr. Tomlinson (Ph.D. 1948.)  Brock University and numerous Universities in England and Canada have science and mathematics scholarships in his name.

Dr. Tomlinson’s book, ‘ Thinking About GIS: Geographic Information System Planning’ was published in 2003.

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