Citizens of Sault Ste. Marie! Please wake up before it’s too late!


Why is nobody talking about this? Where are the public protests, the letters to our MPP and our local news media? Why aren’t we standing up for our community?

The Wynne government is quietly privatizing one of the major employers in Sault Ste. Marie; Ontario Lottery & Gaming, and we are saying and doing nothing. What are we waiting for?

This has got to be one of the best kept secrets in Provincial politics. OLG, just like hydro, consistently turns a profit, (a portion of which goes into our city coffers), and provides approximately 600 well-paying jobs to the citizens of Sault Ste. Marie. Listen people: the job losses have already begun!

I am afraid for the future of our city. Tenaris, Essar, City Daycare, OLG – how much more can we take? How much longer are the citizens of Sault Ste. Marie going to sit quietly by as our city takes it’s last breathe?

It is time for action! It is time for all of us to speak up and tell the Wynne government NO! Stop the privatization of public assets! The city of Sault Ste. Marie cannot survive any more job loss!

In Solidarity,
Vicky Evans,
President, CUPE Local 4148


  1. Premier Wynne and the Ontario Liberal government are allowing the OLG to outsource its gaming operations to private investors. The OLG is a crown corporation that is looking to sell off its profitable casinos and slots operations to a private company with a 20 year contract deal. What that means for the people of Ontario is that part of the future revenues generated at locations like Woodbine will be going to a private operator much like the 407 (highway). Wynne is betting on privatization to solve Ontario’s deficit, but all she is actually doing is gambling away our future Ontario revenue. The people of Ontario are overwhelmingly against selling off the OLG. Why privatize the OLG when it brings in over 2 Billion in profit to the people of Ontario every year?

  2. Olg is another short sighted sale to raise funds. Ontario has no money we are a have not province. Wynne is selling off business to raise money short term. The shape were in is terrible! $300 hundred billion in debt and climbing!! They just announced most government Unions voted liberal in the last election and supported Trudeau and Wynne! We are looking more and more like Greece! Time to hit the pensions of government workers they are unsustainable ! The next entity to be sold off is the LCBO they sold real estate to their buddies and now we rent space from them in Toronto, smooth move! We are Giving $300 hundred million to California for cap and trade Whynne must be planning to retire their! That’s borrowed money to because we’re broke in Ontario. He’ll were broke in Canada to Federally all borrowed money Trudeaus spending sad sad sad how do you stop these idiots.

  3. Perhaps blindly electing Orazetti again wasn’t the best strategy. This city and this province voted like sheep, then did the same in the Federal Election. The time for action was during the last elections, it’s to late to expect something different now. Perhaps the unions in this city should do a better job backing a candidate who supports them. Every school teacher and lottery employee who voted Liberal should be bounced out of their respective unions. Then you might see some action. Orazetti will collect his fat pension now while we pack up and move somewhere where there are jobs.

  4. What this liberal government is doing whatever it takes to win the next general election in 2018. Wynne and her dream team of geniuses promised to balance the budget and they will do that come hell or high water. And you know what, sadly, many non-informed voters out there will fall for it, hook, line and sinker. This liberal government has literally torched billions of taxpayer dollars with their waste and what did Wynne say to that; ” I’m sorry”. That’s it. I’m from the old school; you don’t spend money you don’t have. But these 2 liberal governments have completely different ideas. They’re much smarter than we are ??? You think ???
    All I can say is good luck to all of us. We will most desperately need it. As long as these 2 liberal governments are in power, this slippery slope is going to get steeper, longer and uglier. Just my opinion Vicky.

    • Hi Mr. Fata, I appreciate that you agree with my concerns, however, I’m just wondering where this viewpoint was when council voted to close city daycares?

  5. I have adifficult time understanding why Wynne thinks it a good idea to privatize our most profitable public institutions and crown corporations, like OLGand the LCBO. These agencies cost us nothing, and bring in a tremendous revenue. It makes no sense whatsoever to trade a quick infusion of cash from a sale in place of the long-term income from the ongoing operation.

  6. Casinos are a blight on the weak of our society. They heartlessly prey on sometimes the most vulnerable people of society. Whether they be private or public, we can do without them. The money they provide is akin to a tax on the people anyways, … a tax many cannot afford.

  7. Most people you ask say the Sault is destined to be a retirement town.
    It’s not too hard to see why, the city is not open for the kinds of businesses it really needs to be more than that.
    It’s far too expensive to keep a business afloat here unless you are already wealthy.
    Business taxes are ridiculous and need to be heavily adjusted.

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